Saturday, September 26, 2015

GWM 2015

I love general conference. I need it. Tonight I had the privilege of going to the General Womens Mtg (broadcast at our stake center) with Melanie and Melissa. We went to dinner before and I just had such a great time with the two of them. They are so great and I'm just so glad to be their mom! I love talking to them and hearing their thoughts and opinions. They are both so smart and down to earth and just...well just wonderful! The broadcast, I can't even think of the right word to describe it. It was just what I needed, no, more than that, it filled my soul. I'm thankful for a Heavenly Father and a Savior that have prepared these events to help me along my way, to cheer me on and encourage me and give me strength. I know the Holy Ghost testifies of truth and speaks to the soul. 

I'm so glad that Melanie and Melissa love going to these meetings as well. Melissa gave upsome time with friends and was happy to do it because she wanted to be there and I know Melanie feels the same. I am so grateful for that. As a Mom my greatest wish is for my children to gain their own testimonies as I have of God and our Savior and the Plan of Salvation. To be steadfast and immovable in living the commandments of God. 

Tonight was a blessing to me, another tender mercy of The Lord.

I meant to have someone take our picture after the meeting to help me remember this night. Well, I forgot (got to visiting with some of the sweet and amazing sisters and their daughters in our ward-so thankful for them too and their insights and experiences and just fun personalities) anyway, didn't want to miss the memory of a picture so when we got home we snapped a couple. Melissa doesn't like taking pictures and was tired so she was funny as usual.

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