Sunday, February 28, 2010


I was born in Utah, went to college in Utah and now even in Upstate NY live down the street from a ski center and yet I've only been skiing 3 times in my life! This has got to change because I really enjoy it! - I realized the other day after going again after about 20 years (which really makes me feel old - how can I have not done something for 20 years?) Anyway. . . luckily Melanie got us back into it. The fifth grade class in her school goes on a skiing field trip every winter and she wanted to go check it out before the field trip, so Eric took her one night. They had a great time. Eric remembered how much fun it is, so over the kids Winter break he took Melanie and Melissa during the day and we got a babysitter that night and he and I went. Luckily its somewhat like riding a bike and I picked up on it again without too much trouble. Here's us riding up the lift - a rare picture of him and I - alone.
So, I was most nervous about getting on and off the lift and of course the first try I missed getting on with Eric and had to ride up by myself - that's okay at least I got on! He had a good laugh. Ha, ha.
This is Melanie in front of the jump she went off her first night of skiing! Why I don't know, but I am glad she dared give it a try - she's not usually that daring. I'm sure part of it was being with her dare-devil dad -even though he said he didn't even dare do that (but he's old! ;o) ) Anyway I guess she went over a smaller one first and did just fine, but this one didn't go so well and she was bruised and hurting so came home and put some ice on it and then sat in the hot tub -while her sister lucked out and was able to switch off and go the rest of the night with dad. Melissa had a great first night of skiing too. I guess its good to learn when you're young and agile and have no fear. - and recover much faster from your falls!

Here's the girls going up the lift together on the day they went with Eric. Aren't they cute! They're so lucky to have each other!

Here's Eric and Melanie, Melanie's friend Maddie (she happened to be skiing with her dad that day too) and Melissa.

Here's them going down the hill. We met them for lunch and the little boys couldn't understand why they couldn't jump right in and start skiing too!

So fun! One more way we can enjoy the wonderful season of Winter!

Monday, February 8, 2010

Why Giving Matters

I just finished reading this article in the Summer edition of BYU Magazine (p24-29). After I started reading it I realized I had watched a re-broadcast of this speech on BYUTV last year a week or so after the speech was given. It got to me then and it got to me again when I re-read it. This is a really good speech with some important truths that I think help all of us and ones I hope I remember and use in my life as well as teach my children so they can apply them in theirs. I'd like to share it with any of you that read this.

You can watch the speech by clicking on the following link

You can read the speech by clicking on this link

Sunday, February 7, 2010

Ice Skating

Yesterday we were able to have some family fun ice skating at a local park.

Thursday, February 4, 2010

Tubes in, Adenoids out

Earlier this week James had tubes put in his ears and his adenoids taken out. He did great and is still doing great. He's supposed to take it easy for the next two weeks. I think its gonna get tuff. He's already starting to run around and ruff-house with his brother. I've got to keep reminding him to take it easy.
Isn't he the cutest patient you've ever seen? And he was so polite. I think all the nurses just loved him.
He didn't care for the ID bracelet, he thought it was itchy and he hated the IV and said it was poking him (I couldn't disagree with him there). The nurse guided him through doing the unwrapping and untaping when it was time to take it off and she even let him help her pull out the needle. He didn't get grossed out at all. He was just glad to have it off.
This last picture is post-op. I wanted to get a picture of his blue tongue from the blue popcycles. He didn't really care for having his picture taken. He did enjoy all the popcycles.
His class at school made him a bunch of Get Well Soon cards that were darling. He just loved that, but he really hates having to do all the homework. He'd rather just watch movies and play video games-and eat popcycles!

Monday, February 1, 2010

Christmas 2009

Okay, so I'm a little late on this, but here's some pics from Christmas. We had a great Christmas. We were blessed to enjoy the company of both Eric's and my parents along with lots of other family and friends.

The below slideshow with probably more pictures than any of you want to see if us includes:
1. The kids with Santa at our Ward Christmas Party
2. Annual Frazee Family Christmas Eve Party at Chartrand's
3. Christmas morning at our house
4. Annual Randall Family Christmas Party at Highland Lodge
5. Family Home Evening with my Mom and Dad and Russell's kids Logan and Emma (thanks Dad for the great lesson!)
6. Ice skating/hockey on the pond at the farm, behind Nana's house.
7. Snowball fight with snow forts the kids and I built and the snowman we made
and more . . .