Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Christmas 2010

Yes, we did celebrate Christmas this year - and I guess it was a real doozy since its taken me this long to get it together and post something about it.

We were lucky to have Eric's parents and brother and sister, my parents, my younger brother Russell and his family, my younger sister Angie and her family all with us this year. We terribly missed my older brother Matt and his family - looking forward to seeing you all in May!

I hope our children are grateful. I don't think there are too many kids that get both sets of grandparents plus that many aunts and uncles and cousins all together with them on Christmas morning!! That makes a beautiful Christmas!!

We had a great time - thank you everyone that contributed (and put up with us, hahaha)

We had one tragedy amid all our fun. We all got bundled up and went sledding and Grandma Diane jumped right in and was having a ball with all the kids and grandkids while Grandpa Rex caught it all on film. Well this was to be the end of Grandma's sledding career (or so the Dr. in the ER told us, later that night). Here's her on the way down . . .

-And here's us later in the ER. She dislocated and broke her ankle in 3 places. Surgery was needed, but because of swelling the surgery couldn't be done for a few days. They put a cast on and sent her home to Texas to have the surgery there. One good thing came of it . . .we got her to sit down for more than 5 minutes! Rebekah enjoyed that - she got some snuggle time!Below is a post surgery X-ray. Now we have a heavy metal grandma (haha) Good luck with your continued recovery grandma!

Okay and here's just a little "cheese" from Rebekah.

Friday, January 21, 2011

The Accident

On Dec 6 I had my first car accident. It was scary but thankfully David and Rebekah and I were all okay. The Suburban . . . was not. It was a snowy day and the roads were slick. I was going faster than I should have been and came up over a hill where a car was stopped, preparing to turn into their driveway. I couldn't stop in time and -long story short-hit the tree in their front yard - as you can see below. Luckily Eric's Uncle John was able to come right over and rescue me and the kids.
I know very little about cars, so I won't try and explain it. Those of you who do can see it, and those of you -like me - who don't, just know it was considered totalled.

Here's Rebekah's injury. The top of her coat zipper - a plastic zipper- cut her chin, and she must've bit her tongue because her tongue was bleeding for a moment after the accident. Her and David were both sound asleep before the accident. Its scary to think of how fast that all happens - that the force of her flinging forward was enough for that plastic zipper to cut her chin. I'm so thankful for carseats and that her injuries were so minor.

Here's my injury. My leg must've flung forward and hit the bottom of the, well whatever that's called where the emergency break is attached, you know what I mean. Again, very thankful for the minor-ness of the injuries. We were very blessed.

And this is the new vehicle. It was a pain to have to look for a new car right before Christmas -especially when I was already way behind in my preparations for Christmas, but the insurance was great, Eric was great (he always is) and we found a great replacement. It's almost exactly the same except a year newer, less miles and **a moonroof** fun for me!!