Sunday, August 28, 2011

Time with Grams and Pops

We always have fun when Grams and Pops come to town and this time was no different. Below is Eric trying out a zip line they put up at the lake. Here's what our family is known for at the lake - pyramids. This one has Melanie and Melissa on top and Ryan, Will and Andy on bottom.

Here's another with Melanie and Kelsey on top and Kalin, Pat and Will on bottom.

These pictures are terribly out of order, but the next few are when we stopped for dinner before going to the airport to say goodbye. Rebekah bawled and bawled when they left - she didn't want to see them go! None of us did. Notice Rebekah's antanae pig tails - hahaha they were funny.

Here's the boys - David and James were posing crazy and wouldn't stop, so got ejected from the first photo. They were mad and wanted to be in it, so once they settled down we took another.

Below here is a classic. When we went on a girls day of shopping Rebekah found her favorite store. She was a rock star!

Loaded stroller =empty wallet (that of course was Eric's imput to this post)

Always gotta ride the carousel.

We didn't mean to shop for so long, but we made a good day of it and stopped for dinner on our way home. It was some nice girl time. The boys had a good day at the lake barefooting and playing.

Lounging on the couch after a long, fun day.

Rebekah loves her Pops!

We spent a day with Gram's sisters at their new camp up at Oneida Lake.This swing was a hit -we couldn't hardly get them out of it.An ice cream truck came by - we never have that out where we are so Aunt Bonnie treated the kids to ice cream. Aunt Delores became friends with Rebekah real fast when she gave her ice cream - unfortunately I think she ended up wearing some of it too!

Above - the big boys helpin' out with the grill. Below - the little boys helpin' enjoy the results! Aunt Bonnie made some good ribs!

These pictures don't say it all - one week out of their stay is missing because I went to girls camp with Melanie and they helped watch the kids. That was so nice! Thank you!

Friday, August 26, 2011

Pioneer Day Breakfast

In our church we celebrate a holiday on the 24th of July we call Pioneer Day. It's the day the early Latter-day Saints arrived in the Salt Lake Valley back in 1847. They travelled west from Nauvoo, Il to escape religious persecution. It's of course a much smaller celebration out here, but we still like to take time to remember the faith and sacrifice of the early pioneer Saints. Here's Eric and Melanie cooking the last of the pancakes. We had a great breakfast and a lot of great help!
After breakfast our Bishop gave a great devotional and then we had a fun bike parade for the kids. There were a couple of covered wagons people made to remember the pioneers - many came across the plains by covered wagon. This bike that Rebekah is on isn't hers. It's an old one of Alexis Parke's that she brought in case anyone needed one - since it had princesses on it Rebekah assumed it must be hers!

After the bike parade we had some games out on the back lawn of the church. Here's David and James trying to make a go of the 3-legged race. It was a nice morning. I hope everyone else had as much fun as we did!

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Melanie's 12!

Oh, my goodness! How in the world is she growing up so fast! Melanie is now 12!She has been a blessing and a joy. She is a great girl and we are so glad to have her!

Her brothers and sisters adore her and she is the perfect first child because she is patient and kind and generous and very nurturing. She is a great example and I couldn't ask for a better daughter!

Melanie and Melissa's birthday's are exactly opposite on the calendar, so on each others birthday its the other's half birthday. Melissa remembered that and wanted some gummy bears for her half birthday - Happy 1/2 birthday goofball!

These are pictures from the end of the day on Melanie's birthday. We forgot to take the cake to the lake with us so when we got home we sang and ate cake. The little two were exhausted and fell asleep but the big kids were still full of energy and pretty goofy!

Sunday, August 14, 2011

Swim Lessons 2011

We're so lucky to live in a town that provides free swim lessons to our children. They do it at a local college pool and some of the kids cousins are their teachers. They've always loved it and this year was no different. It was David's first year and he did great! I had to talk him into it the first couple of days - but he did amazing and would jump off the diving board and everything. One hot day some friends of ours invited us to their pool and I was amazed to see him jump off the diving board and swim to the side all by himself! They do 3 weeks of lessons. Monday through Friday for 45 min. each day and the last day they let parents come in and watch as they show off their skills and jump off the diving board. They get their evaluations and some treats. Here are some of my pictures from that last day.

Below is James walking with flippers on his feet - always funny!

Not too clear, but that's James getting ready to jump off the diving board and that's Melissa swimming in the middle. I was sad that none of my pictures of them jumping came out clear. They're all pretty good jumpers.

Melissa and her cousin Kaleigh. They were in the same class this year.

Above is Rebekah the day we went to our friend's pool. She wanted me to let go of her and let her swim and I kept trying to convince her she would sink because she didn't know how to swim yet, so she was thrilled when someone offered her this ring and she discovered she could do it by herself. She wanted goggles too. She surprised me and jumped off the diving board that day too - not by herself of course, but she wanted to do it and went up by herself and suprised me by actually jumping to me without hesitation.

Saturday, August 13, 2011

Father's and Son's Campout

I think the pictures say it all. They got dirty and had fun camping with their Dad- isn't that what the Father's and Son's campout is all about!

Friday, August 12, 2011

Blueberries and a Pirate Ship

The kids have swimming lessons in Cazenovia. There's a place just outside of town called Critz Farms where I like to pick blueberries. It works out great because its on the way home and its a beautiful farm where there's a great playground with a Pirate Ship and a whole hill of slides. There's a little wooden train with a car that's got a table and benches we sit at to eat our picnic lunch. It's a fun and productive afternoon after swimming lessons. We have a nice picnic, they play on the playground while I pick blueberries.
They weren't much for taking pictures. I didn't even get any of the blueberries! It was fun and a great Summer memory!

Hill Cumorah Pageant 2011

Here we are again posing with cast members from the Hill Cumorah pageant. We had a great evening once again. They put on a great show!

I can't believe Rebekah let her hold her! Someone she doesn't know - in a strange costume! Hm, she must have been feeling friendly!

Eric doesn't get to do any of the pre-show stuff because he's always helping park cars as part of our ward assignment. He probably wouldn't care about posing for pictures anyway.