Sunday, June 26, 2011

Last snow pics for Winter 2011

Just found a couple last pics I wanted to remember from Winter. Rebekah really enjoyed the snow this Winter.

Melissa and her friend Ani, aren't they cute!

Never thought going to the zoo in the winter here would be fun, but back when Rebekah was first born and in the NICU I overheard some nurses talking about how fun the zoo here is in the Winter. So this year when James' class went on a field trip, we tagged along. It really was a lot of fun.

Thursday, June 23, 2011

What a character!!

So glad to have a camera to capture these moments! Just wish we could convey some of the personality that goes with it! She's a hoot!!

Rebekah's 2nd Birthday!

I can't believe it's been two years! -and Oh, my goodness, another two year old, am I up for this? She's something else! Whew! But we're sure glad to have her. What a character!!

Dress up's from Grandma. She always knows how to please little girls!

So lucky to have two big sisters that know exactly what to do and are always there to help!!

Okay, at this point she'd had enough of my photography, but man she's cute!

Ready to go!!

We were trying to save the cake for when Daddy came home, and after dinner (just got a little one since we have 3 birthday's in one week and can get cake overkill - the Tinkerbell cake was so perfect anyway) - but, and probably with help from her sweet-toothed big brother that always seems to get his fingers into the treats before he's supposed to, the cake was found and very much gotten into.

I was upset at first, but then it was too cute, and it was her cake anyway.

The best picture we could get. There was some left! Happy 2nd birthday Rebekah! Love you!!

Melissa's actual birthday

Here's some pics from Melissa's actual birthday. She had a fun party the week before and then was lucky enough to have her dearest friend and her family over for dinner on her birthday. -Because sadly they moved a few hours north of here soon after. Thankfully its only a few hours so the girls can get together occasionally. Isn't she lovely?

If I knew how to crop photos I would've cropped Rebekah out of this one - she's looking a little hill-billy in her diaper with her crazy hair - it was early, and I can't remember now why her jammies are missing. At least this proves that our house is now warm in the winter - now that it's mostly finished and nicely insulated. I guess I shouldn't say that - the kids probably ran around in next to nothing when they could back then too. They don't seem to feel the temperature much.

Here's Melissa and Ani enjoying some ice cram after dinner.

So cute together.

Rebekah, looking like a princess all dressed up and on the counter enjoying her treats. Messy!!

Here's the whole gang - or most of 'em anyway. Thanks Akin's - it was fun!! Happy 9th birthday Melissa!

Oh, yeah! I should note, Melissa's Football National Champion T-shirt - War Eagle!! We're proud of our Auburn Tigers! That was a nice birthday present for both Melissa and Eric!!

Major snow

No, we're not having major snow in June - I'm just playing catch up and for some reason when I looked at my photos and saw these I thought they were worthy to remember. Maybe for those of you in hotter climates this will help cool you off just looking at them :o) I just wanted to measure this, because this is what I had to shovel all the way from my door to my vehicle, and then I actually had to shovel around my vehicle, which is a huge suburban - but the snow was so deep and so heavy it wouldn't move until helped. Even though it was freezing I worked up a pretty good sweat shoving this mess!

This snow was on top of an already large mound of packed snow!

Can you see those huge clumps of snow? That's what just slid off our roof - with a big WHAMP! I ran outside to see what it was - look at those things! I bet our roof was relieved to get rid of that weight!!

Again more roof snow falloff. After a while I got sick of shovelling this - actually it was too packed and I couldn't shovel it and so I just went out and stomped on it good to make sure no one would fall through -and made a path over it.

Can you see how thick that is? - and that's just since the last mess fell off!

It's a good thing I love the snow!!