Saturday, March 22, 2014

Continued Family Reunion Pics

 Such beautiful views from the mountains in Southern Utah. 
 Bad part of taking so long to post, is I forget some details.  Not sure where exactly Eric and Rebekah are, somewhere in mountains of So. Utah, maybe close to where the first picture is or more likely close to where the below picture was taken.  Below is my Uncle Donald letting James help him pull off some of the fish they cought.

 The kids had a ball on David and Lori's trampoline.  Lots of good time to get to know your cousins you don't see very often.  Family is the best!

Thursday, March 20, 2014

Delayed Pics of Hulet Family Reunion 2012

 These are pics Melanie took on our trip to the Hulet Family Reunion in July 2012.  I meant to post them back then, but you know how that goes. Better late than never.  Above is Russell (aka my younger brother) up in my Grandma and Grandpa Orton's cherry tree.  One of my favorite childhood memories relived.  We got there in the right time to pick some wonderful cherries and enjoyed some fun family time doing it.  I'll probably post some more pics of this later because I know I took some on my phone too.
 Above is Rebekah and some cute little cousins getting ready to be in the 'big' Summit 4th of July parade.
 These two little cuties below are my niece and my cousin's daughter.  I just love that they are oblivious of anyone else, just two friends having fun.

And here's my sweet Melissa enjoying some time on a horse.  My kids are still talking about these horses they rode.  They can't wait to see them again - hopefully this summer at the next reunion.

Fun With Aunt Kelsey

 Cute girls! Lucky to have such a fun aunt.  I had some when I was a little girl (thanks Marianne and Allison for always being so good to me!) and I'm glad my girls do too.  Thanks Kelsey for all you do!

Grandma Loves

 Maybe I'll do this all night.  I just found these gems too.  How sweet are these! And look at my handsome grandpa in the background!

Wake Boarding Cuties

Could these two get any cuter? I just found this picture.  Melanie must have taken it on her iPod a few summers ago.

Thursday, March 13, 2014