Saturday, April 11, 2015

Richard and Donna Frazee Family

Here's everyone.

Playing with Cruz


This year we sailed Grams and Pops boat out of the bay and out onto the blue water -the ocean. We had to sail all afternoon and stay over at a marina and then spend the next day sailing out and back in again.

I didn't get pics of everyone but it was all of us but Ryan's family. We were packed in there (not everyone stayed on the boat overnight) but we had lots of fun together. We saw dolphins and lots of other beautiful scenery. It was a cool trip.

Gulf Breeze Zoo

Auburn Softball Game

On our way down to Grams and Pops we stopped in Auburn for a softball game. There was an Easter egg hint after and autograph signing.

Tuesday, April 7, 2015

At The Beach

Annual Easter After Church Girls Picture

At The Beach With Grams and Pops

Our favorite thing to do for Spring Break is to come and visit Grams and Pops and go to the beach. Its so cool we just sail over from their house and then walk across the island to the blue water. 

This last one is Grams and Pops house and notice the minivan parked in front. That's ours. We've recently joined the minivan crowd-and we're not even ashamed. We love it.