Saturday, September 1, 2012

Spring Break in Pensacola

I've just got to set a limit of 5 pictures per post.  I get carried away and with my slow computer and limited computer skills it takes me forever to get a post ready. 

Finally . . . .here's our pictures from our wonderful Spring Break trip to Florida to visit Grams and Pops and check out their new place.

Thanks Grams and Pops - a good time was had by all, as usual! You guys have an awesome place (glad the hurricane didn't get you! ;) )

Here's the boys with some of the little fish we caught in nets.

What an awesome tree! Melissa enjoyed a good swing at Stew and Rebecca's.
So cute! The kids were looking down at a crab trap with crabs in it.  They were well entertained for some time!
James and Melissa gettings some sailing lessons from dad - who looks pretty relaxed letting them steer!
Dolphins! Eric and I went on a sail one morning and were surrounded by a school/pod (?) of dolphins. So cool!
Can you see the sling shot? We had to have our regular pirate wars. Can't tell you who won, but we had a good time!
Look at that view!
Pops and the kids at Peg Leg Pete's. Argh! and to the right -David showing off the 'dog house' he built for Sadie dog from Pops' scrap wood.
Melanie and Rebekah searching for shells in that beautiful white sand.
Big Daddy getting some relaxing time.

He stayed out of trouble for a minute ;)

New best friends - Veronica and Jack.  So cute!

What a great house!
Snuggling up with Grams when we first arrived - checking out the new house.
We were welcomed by the Blue Angels when we arrived in Pensacola - very cool!
David and Rebekah were a little premature with their life jackets - they put them on when we passed over the Florida state line.  So excited!
A couple of pictures in Tennessee.  We stopped to visit our good friends the Smith's.  We love them - they are so good to us! Thank you for letting us crash at your place and feeding us such yummy food! We love you!

On our way back home we stopped just north of Auburn to see if we could get some boots for James.  We had a lot of fun in the store.  We stopped in Auburn too, of course and looked around and had lunch.  How and why we got away without snapping any photos, I don't know.  I won't let it happen again - I promise! We love Auburn!