Monday, December 28, 2015

FHE -First Vision

Hopefully they got more out of it than this. Haha, this is David at the end of our scripture study. He actually taught the lesson tonight as one of his "Faith In God" requirements. He did a nice job talking about the First Vision. 

I am thankful for Joseph Smith and his inquiring mind. I'm thankful for his courage to seek and follow the guidance he found in the scriptures (James 1:5). I feel completely confident he saw God, The Father and His Son, Jesus Christ as he said he did. I know they love us and want to help us when we don't know what to do.  Knowing all the work they had Joseph do bringing forth The Book of Mormon and restoring The Church of Jesus Christ, I know it was necessary for them to appear to him and not simply enlighten his mind or send another messenger. The 'fruit' of the work that Joseph Smith produced under their direction is wonderful. The Book of Mormon truly is "Another Testament of Jesus Christ" and The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints is Christ's church! I know this because I have tried it and the fruit is good!

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