Wednesday, October 28, 2009


Whew! Time is flying! I guess we need to do a major update, somehow Summer got away from us! I'll have to tell the story by reviewing my pictures, because honestly my mind is going -and my pictures, thankfully, jog my memory about the whirlwind we called Summer.

First I'd better start by finishing with some pictures from the weekend of Rebekah's blessing. We really had such a nice time with my parents and Russell and Erin and their family.
I think I mentioned in an earlier post that the girls were playing tball and softball. Somehow I missed getting a picture of Melanie playing, but I got a nice one of Melissa (I have mentioned before that my photography skills are limited, right?) So here's Melissa, but Melanie also did a great job on her team and they both had a great time playing.

Next Melissa had her 1st grade play. She was wonderful! Here's a couple of exerpts.

Here's a couple of pictures of Melissa and James climbing one of our trees in the backyard. They thought that was really fun. David wanted to get up there too, but once I helped him up he shot right up the tree like a monkey, with no fear - scared me, and luckily I caught him when he fell - and well, I won't be helping him get started tree climbing again until he's got a little bit of fear in him!

Next came the sad news that our sweet little neice Andi had passed on. We went over to Boston to be with Russell and Erin and attend her funeral, which was lovely.

Here's a tender picture of Emma with Rebekah. Emma was so sweet with her.

We took the kids into the city of Boston to do a little sight seeing so that Erin and Russell could do a few last minute things to prepare for the funeral. We had lots of fun. The kids were all great. This was a little crab shack place right off the water.

Here are some pictures from Andi's burial. It was a special time for our family. The Lord blessed us with comfort and peace. I think especially Russell and Erin. They are amazing and wonderful people.

I'll stop here for now before this gets too long. Update 2 coming soon (I hope! :o) ).