Friday, November 11, 2011

Halloween 2011

What a cute little Tinkerbell! Her shoes lit up as she walked and her dress had glow in the dark designs on it - best of all she was soooo excited to be Tinkerbell!Posing as we get ready to head over to the Elementary school for their Halloween parade. Rebekah ended up falling asleep on my shoulder before it was even started and missed the whole thing. For some reason she had the idea that she was going to be dancing in the parade so when she woke up and we were on our way home she gasped, put both hands on her cheeks and in major drama voice said "Oh, no! The parade! I didn't dance in the parade! I forgot!" It was hard to get David to pose for a photo. He's much more shy in front of the camera than Rebekah and the other children. He really liked his costume too. He first really wanted to be spiderman or one of the other super heros, but they all seemed to be too small or too big and when we found this he was sold. He liked 'riding a dinosaur'.

Here's James and Melissa as we caught them marching in the parade. Always a fun event and amazing how it draws a crowd in our little town. I love how so many of the Moms and Dads and Granparents come out for this. How fun for the kids!

Hmmm, where's Tinkerbell?

Ready to go trick-or-treating. What posers!

Since Halloween Rebekah asks insistantly every night when it gets dark if we can go trick-or-treating.