Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Cool Snowman!

It's always fun to make a good snowman. This one had his facial features and hair made out of twigs we found in the snow. Since he had a long nose we named him Pinoccio. I wish his "hair" showed up better in the pictures. It was awesome!

It was a good Winter!

Melissa's First Sleepover

Sleepovers are few and far between at our house - and not allowed until they are 9 yrs old - so when Melissa turned 9 this past January she of course wanted to have a sleepover. It was quite a girls night. They started with makeovers. A few years ago Melanie had a sleepover party and they did "blind makeovers" (see picture below).

That was a big hit and they've done many of those since, so Melissa wanted to do the same at hers - but one of Melissa's friends has a very talented hairdresser mother and she offered her services when she heard about the makeovers. I brought it up with Melissa and she was excited. So this time they got pretty makeovers.

So that was a real treat and then they had pizza and headed upstairs to soak in the jacuzzi and watch a movie.

Next was jammies, presents and playing Dance Revolution on the Wii.

Quite a girls night. The next morning Dad pulled them on the sled behind the snowmobile. Who says summer birthday's are more fun?