Saturday, March 26, 2011

Things to Remember

December 2010:
Melissa: "Mom, if we cut slits in our sides could we breath under water?"

Rebekah: Barbie = "Darbie"

"Dooonnnnaaa, where aaaarrrrre you??" (Donna is her Grams-she picked this up one day copying Pops and then repeated it all through Christmas. It was so cute - we tried to get it recorded on Grams' phone so she could make it her ring tone, but of course any time we'd try to get her to do it she wouldn't)

James: "I'm not really an away from home person. I get hungry and can't eat in the car."

David: After seeing Toy Story 3 carried his Little People farmers into the car with him and called them "my cowboys."

January 2011:
Rebekah: Flip-flops = "Lop-lops"

February 2011:
David: In the morning = "To-morning", kind of like tomorrow.

I woke up this morning just before the 6:30 alarm to the sound of someone coming down the hall trickling as they came. I jump up to find out who wasn't getting to the toilet in time and find it was Rebekah. She leans against the wall and says "I go potty Mommy." Apparently she'd lost or removed her diaper at some point in the night (thankfully I later found the bed dry - yea for her not wetting the bed! -just the hallway). But that's not the end of the story . . . before we can even get her diaper back on David comes down the hall and says "I'm wet Mom, I peed the bed" (Ugh! -for the third night in a row!!) Happy Monday morning to me!! What's this week going to be like?

Eric is the best!! Among other things . . . . tonight I left him just after dinner with the three little ones and a dinner mess while I took the big girls and their friends to the mall. Came home to kids asleep and kitchen sparkling! Love him!!