Friday, January 27, 2012

Melissa's 10!

Another one of my sweet little girls is growing up! Melissa turned 10 and as she reminded me - she's now in the double digits! She had a great birthday; she taught her first lesson in primary for her class about Lehi's dream -the Tree of Life, she went ice skating on the pond at the farm with family, and for some excitement the power went off suddenly during dinner and stayed off the rest of the night.
She picked out a beautiful cake and it was yummy too!

It always adds some excitement when the lights go out during dinner!

Just what she wanted!

We tried to get her to open presents after church, but she was too anxious to get out on the ice. She opened a couple just for us but saved the rest for later.

Here she is with Catie, Kinsey, Bridie and Rose at a sleepover she had the weekend before.

Happy Birthday Sweetie!

Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Rebekah's 3!

Oh, how can this be! My sweet little baby girl that was in such a hurry to get here is now 3! Rebekah is all girl and loves to dress up as much as she can each day. She's lucky that she's the youngest with two older sisters and 3 older girl cousins because she's loaded with hand-me-downs and it makes it easy to let her wear 'Sunday dresses' everyday. In the above picture she's wearing a dress up outfit she got for Christmas and she loves to dress up - if not in dress up clothes - then the clothes from her big sisters closets!

She loves princesses and picked out a Sleeping Beauty cake. (perfect size since we have 3 birthdays in 4 days and don't need another big cake!)

Loved lighting the candles and being sung too!

Happy Birthday SweetPea!

Eric's 35!

All I can say is he's still looks good to me!

Here he is goofing around with some of his new toys. He made out pretty well with some fun new toys this year. Picked out his big one himself which always guarantees satifaction. Something he's had his eye on for a while, maybe I'll catch a picture of him shooting it later and add it.

This is him driving the ski boat we bought this summer -another toy he got this year that he's pretty excited about. Doesn't he look handsome driving it?

Monday, January 23, 2012

James 7th Birthday

So James had a birthday this past Summer how did I miss posting it! He's such a cutie - how can he be 7!

He's been all about everthing military so that's a tank he's cleaning off that was on the cake.

He's getting to be a good little water skiier.

He wanted a cowboy hat so he could be a cowboy like his Great Grandpa Hulet.

He had a great time 'working' at the farm this summer. He especially loved helping while they dug a new pond.

All those tractors and dirt - what could be better.

Friday, January 20, 2012

ha,Ha! found some!

As soon as I posted Thanksgiving 2011 I found that I had pictures on my real camera (the non-phone one). Mostly done by the kids - hey, sometimes they capture great stuff!

This is the yummy dessert Melanie made for us - Rocky Road Tart - Mm, Mm, Good!

Christmas 2011

We missed having Grams and Pops and Ryan with us this year, but were glad to have Kelsey with us. We missed having Grandpa Rex and Grandma Diane, Matt and Jen and family, Kevin and Angie and family, but were glad to have Russ and Erin and family. It's always best when we can all be together, but its still nice when some of us can be together. We had a great time and we hope all of you did too!

A highlight of every Christmas season is the annual Frazee Family Christmas Party. (Christmas Eve)

Here's David and Andy playing us some tunes.

I think there are 9 people on that couch! Evidence that we are a close-knit family!

What a couple of Christmas Angels!(Christmas day)

Standing and smiling is just too hard for these boys. They like to pose.

James is becoming an all out cowboy. He really liked the cap guns Logan got for Christmas.
And here's our dress-up cowgirls!

We did get to do a little sledding even though there was just barely enough snow.

We didn't take any pictures of us actually sledding, but heres us getting ready to go. Everytime the kids went down the hill they would say something like "I didn't break my leg!" remembering Grandma Diane last year.

One day when us girls went out to do some shopping Melanie and I had a little fun in the dressing room.

I love sleeping kids! Aren't they sweet!

These girls fell asleep on the way to the ice rink. It was really the only way to get them to sleep-strap them in so they couldn't move! I feel bad I didn't take any pictures of us all skating it was a fun hockey game as usual and these girls were darling. Emma was a great skater and I think it was Aunt Julie that gave her a chair to push around for stability, so Rebekah sat on the chair and Emma pushed her around and around the rink! They were a great pair!

Lots of relaxing on the comfy, cozy, couch.

Camoflauge, chopsticks and cheeseballs ???

A great holiday to add to the list of great Christmases past. Thanks for sharing it with us Kelsey, and Russ and Erin and family! We had a great time with you all!

Thursday, January 19, 2012

Thanksgiving 2011

What makes holidays something we look forward to and adore is the time off from the everyday struggle of life and time spent instead with people we love; doing fun things - and usually eating too much! Somehow in the busy-ness of getting the Thanksgiving dinner on the table I failed to take, or have someone else take, a picture of all of us to share and remember, but we did have a lovely dinner with some of our favorite people - Russ and Erin and family and John and Rachelle and family. Thanks for coming!

I love this picture!

As a kid I loved it when my uncles would join in and play with us. I'm so glad my kids get to enjoy that too! Such a monkey!

We found it was much easier to get up on top than it was to get down!

Our hike at Pratt's Falls

Awesome Falls! Cute Family! (minus a couple of kids who were too busy climbing to join in the photo)