Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Another School Year Ended

(Yes, I know schools been out for a while now, but I'm catching up, remember?)

With the end of the school year came the end of another season of softball and t-ball. Melanie, Melissa and James each did a great job on their teams and each had a great time. I slacked at taking photos this year because it was all we could do to get all three to the appropriate game at the appropriate time and place - sometimes we had 3 children in 3 different games at one time! What will we do when they're all old enough to play?

James hammed it up for me a little after their last game when they each got a medal and their own ball. He thought that was pretty cool.

Next cam Fun Day where all the Elementary kids get to spend the day outside playing games, doing relay races, and getting yummy treats like snow cones, cotton candy and popcorn. David and Rebekah were pretty glad to get to come and watch and get some treats as well.

Last was Melanie's graduation from Elementary school. Yes, she's now moving up to the Middle School/High School. Oh, my goodness, how'd she get so old! Sadly I wasn't able to be there for that because I was in Texas (details in another post -coming soon - hopefully) but thankfully Aunt Kelsey was able to be there and support Melanie and take this great picture with ever supportive little bro. David. Congrats Melanie!

Thursday, August 5, 2010

Vacation to Florida

Okay, so once again Summer has come and I have gotten way behind in my postings. It started with what I call our "Family Event Vacation". We went to Florida for Eric's sister Kelsey's graduation and also had Melissa's baptism so she could have both her grandparents there. Lucky for us Eric's parents live in Florida so it also doubled as a wonderful family vacation in a beautiful place. We got there and left just before the oil arrived so the beaches were beautiful! We drove this time - which seems crazy with 5 children, but then again so does flying. Ha!

It really was a fabulous time for all of us! We spent some great days at the beach, did some intercoastal sailing along with having our annual water balloon war, had a wonderful crawfish boil and altogether had a very fun and very relaxing family vacation. Thanks so much Donna and Rich - once again you totally spoiled us and we loved every minute of it! Thanks Mom and Dad and Angie and Kevin for driving so far to meet us and share this great time with us! - and I can't forget Kelsey and Ryan because you are both so great with our kids - they just love you!!

So here's a couple of slide shows since we -of course- took a million pics and I couldn't just choose a handful to show here.