Monday, July 1, 2013

Citizenship Award

Isn't he cute! He got the citizenship award this year. David had a great kindergarten year. He had an excellent teacher and a great class. His teacher got emotional as she presented this award and talked about how great her whole class was this year and how she loved them. What a great kindergarten teacher! Mrs. Neuner we love you! Thinking back though, each of my kids have been blessed with the perfect kindergarten teacher for them. I'm so thankful!

Fun Day

One of the last days of school the elementary always has a "fun day" -relays, games, treats and this year they earned a dance and a bouncy house. It was lots of fun.

Goose Eggs!

Went to the farms pond this afternoon. The kids thought it would be warm enough for the rope swing and a swim. Brrr! They didn't do much swinging but they did get in. We found lots of tadpoles and brought some home and hopefully we can watch them develop and these girls found these goose eggs in the water. What a find! How cute are they (the girls mean).