Monday, March 22, 2010

Future Missionary

Here's our little future missionary
(or missionaries -as you can see little David peeking up in the back)

Thank you Elder Kennington and Elder Jones! You guys were inspiring to him!

After a long day of missionary work, haha. . . . He often comes home and puts on his "missionary clothes." He likes to wear them to dinner so he can practice not spilling on them :)

For Christmas 2009 all he wanted for Christmas was a suit. Isn't that awesome! He was 5 and all he wanted was a suit!

Santa came through and he was thrilled!

Okay, so to no one's surprise it has taken me a year to post this (not funny) and so I can now add another photo. For Christmas this year Grandma came through and James got a new suit along with his cousin Logan and brother David. So now he has companions!!

He's worn his suit to school a couple of times. Once for show and tell and talked to his class about missionaries and what they do. We're so proud of him and hope he keeps it up! One day he'll make a wonderful missionary spreading the good news of Jesus Christ and our Heavenly Father's plan!

Saturday, March 20, 2010

These are the moments I live for!

These are the kind of moments that make mothering wonderful.
This is the kind of thing that when my children are grown I will look back and long for and miss so dearly.
When they are sweet and innocent, playing together and enjoying each other.

Friday, March 12, 2010

Making Syrup

Eric's latest adventure. He and his Uncle Pat decided to tap the Maple trees.

Mmm. . .homemade maple syrup!